October Playlist: edge of autumn

“It doesn’t feel that far away from summer, not really, if it weren’t for the underbite of the day, the lacy creep of the dark and the damp at its edges, the plants calm in the folding themselves away, the beads of condensation on the webstrings hung between things.” – Autumn, Ali Smith

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The good things September brought

So, I’m making a resolution to appreciate things more… Or maybe I’m just trying to be less of a pessimist and have decided to make myself reflect on the month of September and all of the really, really GOOD things that happened during that month. Because whilst it’s so tempting to be a downer and focus on the bad, whether I believe it or not, great, awesome things are happening to me all of the time. And I want to keep that in my mind to help me to get over my sadness about summer being over and adulthood starting. So here you are, a list of everything good that happened to me in September. Continue reading “The good things September brought”

Goodbye Summer (playlist)

So September is officially here which means the summer has now sadly left us.

It’s been an amazing summer, one of the best of my entire school life. I’ve travelled to some new, amazing places, seen one of my favourite bands live, officially received a degree in English Literature, spent time with my favourite people and of course, read some amazing books. And so, rather than get sad about the end of the amazing time it’s Continue reading “Goodbye Summer (playlist)”

bookstagram accounts you should follow

Today I want to talk about books and social media.

From personal experience, Goodreads and WordPress are great for more lengthy and informative reviews on books. YouTube is great for a chattier delivery and being recommended many books at once. An although you might not initially think so, Instagram has its own things to offer the online reading community. Instagram is great for rekindling your love for the act of reading itself. If you follow the right people, you can get an influx of photos of people reading, people book shopping and how people get their living spaces reflect their love for literature. Instagram brings you book recommendations from all over the world in a single feed of bookish pictures. Plus, all Continue reading “bookstagram accounts you should follow”

June Playlist: music to write to

Recently I have been doing a lot of writing. Today, rather than talk about that I want to talk about the music that I’ve been listening to whilst writing. Music has such a profound effect on my mood that I’ve found it really helpful to get me in the headspace I want to be in whilst writing.  I thought I’d share a bit of that playlist with you. Not only are these songs very atmospheric and lovely tunes to daydream to but they are all musically quite calm so rather than being distracting, are very easy to write to.

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The Muse by Jessie Burton: a book that surprised me

Rating: 4/5

“Then the birds flew away, their names turned to kisses, a silence to spell a new world.”

The Muse begins by introducing us to Odelle Bastien, a Caribbean immigrant, who is working diligently at a shoe shop in London. Her life quickly changes when she is offered a job at an art gallery in the city, working as an assistant for the mysterious gallery owner, Marjorie Quick. A boy Odelle meets confides in her that he has Continue reading “The Muse by Jessie Burton: a book that surprised me”

(Bookish) March Favourites

So I’ve seen monthly favourites videos on YouTube before, and I wanted to bring this idea to my blog because there are some book-related things that I have been enjoying recently that I wanted to share.

First is booktubers. I love watching booktube videos. It isn’t always about listening to reviews of books that you have or haven’t read, for me I just love listening to people talk so passionately about something that I too, am passionate about. When I find a Continue reading “(Bookish) March Favourites”